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State Questions on ballot Nov. 6th

Today Oklahoma Policy Institute published a set of fact sheets on each of the state questions on Oklahoma ballots this year. In addition to state and national races, voters will decide five state questions on November 6th:

  • State Question 793 – a citizen-initiated referendum to allow optometrists and opticians to operate in retail establishments;
  • State Question 794 – expanding the constitutional rights of crime victims, known as ‘Marsy’s Law’;
  • State Question 798 – providing for the election of Governor and Lieutenant Governor on a joint ticket starting in 2026;
  • State Question 800 – creating a new budget reserve fund, the Oklahoma Vision Fund, to receive a portion of gross production tax revenues;
  • State Question 801 – allowing local building fund revenues to be used for school operations.

Several other ballot initiative efforts, including ones to allow recreational marijuana and place medical marijuana in the state Constitution, failed to gain enough signatures and will not be on the ballot. A veto referendum effort to overturn HB 1010xx, the bill raising several taxes to fund pay raises for teachers and other workers, was struck down by the courts.

Each fact sheet includes a brief summary of the state question, background information, what supporters and opponents are saying, the language that will be on Oklahoma ballots, and links to other resources, such as media coverage and the websites of campaigns for and against the state question.  On our website (  we have also compiled general election resources, including information on voter registration deadlines, links to lists of candidates, and much more. We’ll continue to update and add to these resources as we get closer to Election Day.