Small Business Saturday Campaign in Sand Springs

 Small Business Saturday

The Sand Springs Chamber is offering a promotion campaign that will enhance your business and help build your brand.  The promotion campaign is a reusable canvas shopping bag that will have your business logo on it along with many other businesses in Sand Springs.  During the coming year the Chamber will produce promotional social media ad that will be published to promote the sales.  All sales are on the First Saturday of the month.  Click here for all of the details and application to participate.

Here is how it works:
Chamber Members have opportunity to participate in the Small Business Saturday Campaign for Sand Springs in 2020.  The benefits and ROI will far out weight the price you pay for the program.

  • Each participating member will receive 100 bags to use during the year. (More will be available if needed)
  • Ads will be pushed on social media and Chamber newsletter for the First Saturday Campaign of each month.
  • Cross promotion by other business as they promote their own sales on social media.
  • The bags have been seen all over town and beyond Sand Springs city limits. This helps to promote your business and build your brand.
  • We require the business offer a minimum discount of 10% off each purchase to the customer when they return with the bag.

Deadlines to apply for signing up for this program.
EARLY PRICING: $250 (by August 15th)
LATE PRICING: $275 (by September 1st)

Sample of the bag used for 2019.  The 2020 bag will be 20% larger.


Front of bag                                                        Back of bag

Sample of the social media promotions.