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2018 Schedule

Classes will be February 13th, March 3rd, April 4th, May 8th (skip June, July and August) September 11th, October 9th and November 13th.  Applications are due January 30, 2018.

Leadership Sand Springs is a community program established in 1992 and is sponsored by the Sand Springs Area Chamber of Commerce.  It seeks out, honors, challenges, develops, and educates a select group of Sand Springs’ citizens who have the concern needed to provide the leadership to address issues of community significance.  The course is designed to be a series of issues-oriented forums based on the belief that knowledge is a key element and prime motivator of leadership.

Leadership Sand SpringsLeadership Sand Springs is open to all interested residents of the Sand Springs are and does not  discriminate because of age, sex, race, religion, or national origin.  Participants are selected on the basis of ability, demonstrated interest in their community, and insight for effective leadership.

Leadership Sand Springs’ graduates will also play a key role in planning and carrying out the program for the classes that follow them.  Their enthusiasm for the program will be an important ingredient in maintaining a record or success.

The Leadership Sand Springs program will select approximately twenty participants annually.  Participants are chosen through the application process by a community selection committee.  The purpose of this process is to assure a class that consists of members from diverse backgrounds and experiences.

Quote from former students 2017 Graduates

Brad Bates, City of Sand Springs Planning Department 

Leadership Sand Springs afforded me with the opportunity to learn more about the community that I serve on a daily basis. I was able to gain knowledge about the wonderful higher education programs within Sand Springs, grow my understanding of the challenges that face the Sand Springs Public School District, learn about what Human Services are available within the community, and receive a rich history of how Sand Springs was created along with the philanthropic purpose behind it. Most importantly I was able to network with other individuals that serve the greater Sand Springs community with the common goal of bettering it every day.

“Leadership Sand Springs gave me a deep understanding of our community and the people who contribute to its success. The connections and learning I received from the program make me a much more effective leader.” Rev. Don Chatfield, Osage Forest of Peace

2017 Graduating Class

left to right
Tim Watts/American Heritage Bank
Brad Bates/City of Sand Springs
Matt Barnett/HillSpring Church
Kasey St Johns/City of Sand Springs
Rev. Don Chatfield/Osage Forest of Peace
Brian O’Hara/Congressman Bridenstein Office